Los Andes - Colombia


Los Andes - Colombia


Roasted Weekly and Ships Monday

Taste Notes: Grape, Cacao, Silky 

Origin: Huila, Colombia

Producer: Various Small Producers, Cafisur

Altitude: 1400 - 1750 MASL

Processing: Washed

Variety: Caturra, Castillo 

Size: 8oz

Los Andes is an outstanding coffee that comes from the Cooperativa de Caficultores del Sur de Tolima (Cafisur). This coffee is grown under the canopy of the rainforest in the Huila Department, which is known to produce one of the best coffees in Colombia. 

Cafisur helps farmers and their families have access to housing and healthcare. Part of the cooperatives mission is to also give the farmers children access to schools nearby. Wildlife is also protected at all Cafisur member farms, with a strict no hunting rule. 

This lot is comprised of 70% Caturra and 30% Castillo varieties grown between 1400-1750 masl. In a cup of Los Andes we taste juicy grape sweetness, smoky cacao and a silky body.

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