Ardi - Ethiopia

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Ardi - Ethiopia


Roasted Weekly and Ships Monday

Taste Notes: Blueberry, Juicy

Origin: Sidama, Ethiopia

Producer: Various Small Producers

Altitude: 1950 MASL

Processing: Natural

Variety: Heirloom

Size: 8oz

Ardi is an extraordinary natural processed coffee from the Sidama region in Ethiopia. We are jumping with excitement to offer this fruity coffee for the first time, and hopefully for many seasons to come. 

Most of the coffees we consume are washed process, which means the fruit is removed from the bean for drying. For natural process coffees like Ardi, the coffee is dried with the fruit still intact, and then the dried cherry is removed during milling. This process produces a unique, juicy, fruit forward quality to the coffee.

We are proud to work with importer Samuel Demisse of Keffa Coffee, who works directly with the washing station in the town of Kilenso Mokonisa. A cup of Ardi is clean, juicy and bursting with blueberry notes.

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